COVID-19 Client Guide:

WELCOME! Sadly no hand-shakes or hugs for now. Maybe you can’t see the smile behind my mask, but know that I am happy to see you!

Here’s what you can expect from Align Massage to help keep you safe before, during and after your appointment:

Keeping the office extra squeaky- clean! When you walk in, I will have disinfected the door surfaces as well as handles, the face rest of the massage table, the chairs and tables in the rooms. As always, I have fresh linens for each client (which are sanitized when laundered). I have removed the extra cushioning on the face rests to allow for easy disinfection.

All high touch common areas are also disinfected between each client: Doors handles, bathroom surfaces, tables, handrails, water dispenser, etc.

Hand sanitizer is available for use in the treatment room.

All low traffic and low touch spaces are cleaned and disinfected every 3 hours.

In addition:

  • I am wearing face coverings while at work and in all other public spaces
  • I am doing daily checks for symptoms and elevated temperatures prior to starting work
  • I have spaced out all appointment booking times to reduce the number of people arriving or leaving at the same time
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available!
  • Prepayment is available if you prefer contactless payment options

What I am asking you to do:

** If you are part of a vulnerable population I recommend talking to your healthcare provider prior to booking a session. (This is a recommendation only, I do not require any additional Dr.'s notes than usual)**

  • Wear a mask for the duration of your visit
  • You will need to complete a wellness screen and a waiver prior to your appointment (will be sent to you electronically)
  • Please wash your hands when you arrive prior to your session
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you feel sick, live with someone who is sick, or have been exposed to Covid-19.

**Cancellation fees will be waived for this period.

Thank you for taking care of yourself during this unusual time in all our lives. I have missed you all very much during this closure and am happy to see you even if we have to take these extra precautions for a while!

I hope to see you again soon!!!

In Gratitude,

Rose Mustard, Owner of Align Massage and Wellness